The block is hot, amigo. Well, at least Diablo's part of the block: the oven, stovetop, and toaster. Diablo is going to let you know that where he is, the heat is. He's going to teach about safety near the stove and how to deal with sizzling hot dishes and pans. Just listen to Diablo and nobody gets hurt.

Kitchen Safety

Dealing with Heat

  1. Have a fire extinguisher available in the kitchen. This should be used for paper, grease and electrical fires. Do not throw water on a grease fire; use baking soda to smother those flames.
  2. Use communication in the kitchen when working with other people. Always announce yourself when moving hot food or walking behind someone.
  3. Always assume that the handle of a pot or pan is hot. Use a DRY kitchen towel or protective oven mitt when grabbing for handles and trays.
  4. Flames and steam will cause burns. Keep a safe distance from both.
  5. Keep a first aid kit in the kitchen or close by so you can care for any injuries right away.
  6. Call 911 in case of an emergency!

Working in the Kitchen

  1. Follow good personal hygiene habits and wash hands often. You don't want anyone to get sick.
  2. Keep your work area clean. Staying organized and prepared in the kitchen will reduce the chance that you will hurt yourself or others in the kitchen.
  3. Wear closed-toe shoes. If something like a heavy pot or a knife falls, you will want your piggies to be protected.
  4. Learn how to use knives and tools properly. Kitchen tools are not toys.
  5. Use the proper tool for the job. Do not use a hatchet to cut lemons!
  6. Clean spills right away so no one slips.
  7. Keep your cleaning chemicals in a safe place away from your food, pets and young kids.